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This secretive company through which I have now ended up in divorce proceedings with my husband. For example, my ex had looked at the review of OnNightFriend through here a few months ago, after which he had deleted its entire history and accidentally overlooked this site. Super stupid of him too and certainly because I am much more true than that! And then there's the company behind OnNightFriend that wouldn't make any statements about their users, even when you're married! And the scandalous thing is he was already in the picture with someone the first week that I was able to find on that same shitty site! Loser!
John D.
Yeaaaah, good shit. Wanted to go to a festival this weekend but I'm going to spend some time here. I'll sell that ticket and put that money in here. Couldn't be better! Easy to use and nice casual dates with women. OnNightFriend you rock!
Michael L.
I'm no stranger to online dating, I've been doing it as an old buck for years. I've already gone through a lot of sites, there are often few new members and the conversations are not very challenging. Then I heard about the site, here you could easily arrange a horny sex date. Well that's for sure! I'm not the youngest anymore, but that doesn't matter to the many ladies here, they would like to learn it on an old bike, haha! Yes, I'm enjoying all the beauty here on this fantastic site again!