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A really great site if you're looking for a little more! Really long looking for a nice ordinary casual relationship, no strings attached.. delicious. Thinking about it now makes me excited again. Would recommend to anyone looking for something more. if you really want boy/girlfriend material, this is not the right site, but to meet up and have casual hookups, this is ideal. Amazzzzinggg Amy
John D.
it's really really good here. You have to make some time for it. It's not that you register on 1 evening and then come by the next day,,, no,,, you really have to be patient. Read several reviews where it is indeed said that patience is a virtue here, and that's right! Absolutely great
Michael L.
Nice dating site, damn. Went for erotic contact, but this worked out. Got horny right away… was able to make an appointment with a nice girl, next month we're going on a date! I'm curious